Indiana State University:

English 305: Advanced Expository Writing
English 239: Literature & Human Experience (The Rural American Experience since 1900)
English 219: Introduction to Creative Writing





University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee:

American Indian Studies 276/English 276: Introduction to the American Indian Novel
English 263: The Rural American Novel
English 261: Introduction to the American Short Story
English 234: Writing Fiction–Structure and Technique
English 233: Introduction to Creative Writing
English 215: Introduction to English Studies
English 102: Research Writing
English 101: College Writing



Oregon State University:

Writing 224: Introduction to Fiction Writing
Writing 121: English Composition







Cardinal Stritch University:

ASB 201N: Communication and the Importance to Business Success
ASB 101N: Writing and Reading with a Purpose
ASB 282: Introduction to Literature: Fiction
ASB 240: Humanities I
ASB 245: Humanities II
ASB 101: Introduction to Written Communication
MGT 301: Critical Thinking and Writing
Writing Across the Curriculum Coach
Course Designer for ASB 245N: Humanities for 21st Century Leaders


Oakland City University:

Education 510: Psychology of Teaching
Education 575: Reading Problems in the Content Area

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