Dispatches from the Classroom: Graduate Students on Creative Writing Pedagogy


From the Introduction:

With this anthology, then, our goals are twofold. First, we hope to give the ‘drudges’ of the creative writing world—the MFA and PhD students who, as TAs, teach the bulk of our discipline’s introductory classes—a much-needed seat at the table in this time of expansion and rethinking in our discipline. We are indebted to the scholars who have begun the conversation—Wendy Bishop, Katharine Haake, D.G. Myers, Tim Mayers, Harper Graeme, Kelly Ritter, Stephanie Vanderslice, and Paul Dawson, among others—and hope to contribute to and build upon this field’s much-needed growth.Second, and more importantly, we intend to provide a toolbox of pedagogical resources from which creative writing instructors can draw. Rather than attempting a step-by-step guide to teaching a course, we have worked to include a multiplicity of viewpoints addressing common issues of the creative writing classroom.






“Joe Rein, Chris Drew, David Yost, and the other essayists . . . [have] taken creative writing pedagogy to the next level.”

-Stephanie Vanderslice, author of Rethinking Creative Writing

“In Dispatches from the Classroom you go right up to where the teaching is done. This book is full of hard-won advice and smart thinking . . . The essays here aren’t merely reflections on what worked one day and what didn’t another–rather, they’re researched explorations into what’s possible into what’s possible in the creative writing classroom. Possible, and necessary.”

-Liam Callanan, author of All Saints and The Cloud Atlas

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