Settling In, Writing, and Conference Prepping

It’s been a while since my last update, due mostly to the fact that the first semester as an Assistant Professor is busier than I could have possibly imagined. The good news, though, is that we’re settled in Terre Haute and counting the days until we can once again take the cover off the pool.

In professional news, I’m excited to report that my department and colleagues are first-rate, and have made my adjustment to the tenure-track much less stressful than (I hear) it can be elsewhere. Also, the final draft of the novel is finished and queries are going out the door, with some good initial responses. I’ve also begun researching and outlining the second novel. All I can say so far is that the two things you’ll always find in southern Indiana are coal mines and corn fields, and I wrote about coal mining in the first novel…

Finally, though I’ll provide more detailed info soon, I want to let everyone know that I’ll be presenting on a panel at the 4Cs conference in Tampa this March. The name of the panel is “Re-Examining Creative Writing in Relation to Composition,” and my portion will be considering possible uses for Creative Writing in departments other than English. So, if you’re in Tampa, feel free to swing by the panel!

Now, back to grading papers…

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