Upcoming Panel at CCCC

Hello all.  If you happen to be traveling to St. Louis for the 4 Cs conference this week, I want to let you know that my Dispatches co-editor, Joe Rein, and I will be taking part in a panel on Friday afternoon at 3:30 titled “The Hybrid TA: Composition, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing.”  I’ll be reading a paper titled “Dealing at the Crossroads: Creative Writing in the Composition Classroom.”  (The title of my paper in the CCCC program is wrong, just to clarify.)  Details are below.  Hope to see you there!

Session Title: “The Hybrid TA: Composition, Rhetoric, and Creative Writing”
Location: America’s Convention Center, Room 221, Level 2
Date/Time: Friday, March 23, 3:30-4:45 p.m.

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